"Alpine Blue," 15"x22"

"Maine Idyll," 15"x22"

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Russ Johnson ART

Original watercolors and photography

"Maine Marsh," 11"x15"

Russ offers fully customized workshops for groups of five or more artists.  Each workshop will provide you and your fellow artists with maximum painting time in settings of your group's choosing.   Each day begins with Russ's quick demo painting and then offers the highest level of one-on-one coaching throughout.  At the end of each day we close with a critique of every painting completed during that session.
     Among the key subjects we’ll address:
         -- How to work outdoors effectively.
         -- How to simplify complex landscapes and seascapes.
         -- How to orchestrate the elements and principles of design.

If you would like to consider creating a customized watercolor workshop for your group, please visit the CONTACTpage.