"The Potting Shed"

What students are saying about Russ Johnson watercolor workshops:

“You create an atmosphere in which participants can feel safe to take risks and try new things without worry about ‘getting it right.’ I liked the LACK of emphasis on things like where the light is coming from, warm/cool colors (except in terms of receding or color change), mixing colors in a particular way (e.g., only using greens you mix yourself), etc.  I felt freed from a lot of ‘rules’ that have stressed me out in the past.  I loved every minute of it and will definitely be back!” 

“An A++ for everything. The workshop exceeded my expectations. It was fun as well as instructional...and you were very prepared and answered our individual questions. Great job!” 

“I can’t imagine any instructor anywhere being more prepared for a workshop.” 

“Your effectiveness never ceases to amaze me.  Your attention to detail is flawless.  A great painter and a great instructor is an incredible combination.” 

“Russ is a gifted teacher. I had been in a funk concerning my watercolor abilities, but Russ with his good humor and his critical eye restored my enthusiasm and confidence in my painting skills.” 

“You were terrific! I feel like I really learned a lot and left the shore excited about watercolor.” 

“Russ Johnson is one of the few working artists that I have met who not only excels at his craft but is also an excellent instructor. This a combination that I think is somewhat rare.” 

“I think I learned more from you in three days than I did in four years of art school.”

Russ Johnson ART

Original watercolors and photography

Copyright Russ Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

"Walnford Window"

"Morning Harbor," 11"x15"

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